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Swindon Minibus Hire

Swindon is a town in the Southwest of England that has a rich history and a lot of interesting sites and destinations to offer. Due to the many places that are available to visit and see, there is a great need for affordable and reliable transport services. Swindon Minibus Hire offers minibuses for hire to cater for the ever high demand of quality transport services in Swindon. Minibus Hire is the best option for transport as it is more reliable than public transportation and less costly compared to taxis.

Our Minibus Hire Company has been in operation for several years. We have, therefore, managed to gain all the experience needed on how to customise our services to suit the transport needs of our clients. We have several minibuses that cater to all our clients in Swindon. These minibuses are of the latest models and are regularly maintained to ensure smooth and safe rides for our clients as they cruise around the beautiful city of Swindon.

For the best prices on coach hire, come to Swindon Minibus Hire. We have provided first-class minibus and coach hire to people in the surrounding area for over twenty years. We pride ourselves on customer service and our modern range of minibuses and coaches which all come from leading manufacturers and under six years old.

Destinations in Swindon

Swindon has excellent and exciting destinations that cater for all ages. Besides, Swindon Minibus Hire makes the visits much more interesting by offering high-quality transport services. Our customers just need to sit back and enjoy being driven around comfortably and safely. Our Minibus Hire takes customers to many destinations in Swindon, and some of them are outlined below.

Lydiard Park

Lydiard Park is an attractive historic estate found on the West side of Swindon. It offers several attractions among them playgrounds for children, Team Rooms and cafe, an events arena, and education programs. Our Minibuses are always hired for school trips and family outings to this Park.

Museum of Computing

It a museum of its kind as it only shows the history of computing through its inventions and active displays. It is an excellent destination for school trips or corporate visits especially for computer professionals, and our minibus offers the best transport.

Jungle Parc Swindon

It is a perfect destination for all ages and has two different courses where those who visit can swing, trek and climb through the trees on over 45 various activities. There is also an adventure section for kids and offers activities such as swings, cargo nets, rope bridges, and rocket launchers.

Space Play

It the perfect destination for kids of up to 7 years with several features to keep them entertained such as wobbler seesaw, ramps, slides, tunnels, and balls. There is also a customised toddler play section with soft alphabet squares, a mirror wall, and a spaceman Velcro puzzle.

Steam Museum of the Great Western Railway

It is an outstanding museum that is located opposite the well-known Designer Outlet of Swindon. This museum has all the history of the people who constructed, run and travelled in the Great Western Railway a long time ago. It is a destination suitable for all ages and visitors can go through some well-known locomotives and drive a train simulator.

Stanton Park

It is a county park located near the centre of Swindon. It is an excellent destination for family and friends to hang out and unwind. Besides, Stanton Park has a big lake and woodlands that are suitable for taking walks.

Swindon and Cricklade Railway

It is a heritage railway which runs on a short route of South Western Junction Railway line and Midland between Cricklade and Swindon. It is run by volunteers and visitors can get a chance to enjoy travelling on trains.

Lotmead Farm

Lotmead Farm is an excellent site to spend a day with family and friends in the summer. Everyone who comes to this farm can engage in farm activities as well as learning, discovering and exploring several things. No fee is charged to enter the farm, and there is free parking for all visitors. There is also a chance to buy farm fresh vegetables, fruits, and strawberries.

Roves Farm It is an excellent site for a family outing or a day trip with friends. Some activities here include tractor rides, indoor play barn, feeding animals and den building. There is a pet corner where visitors can keep their pets while visiting the park.

Minibuses by Swindon Minibus Hire

Our Minibus has many minibuses that have different sitting capacities and models. They cater for all group sizes and are suitable for all types of events and destinations in Swindon. We have the small minibuses that are suitable for short distances and small groups. These include the 8 seater minibus, 12 seater minibus, 14 seater minibus, 16 seater standard minibus and the 16 seater executive minibus.

The smaller minibuses are suitable for airport transfers, family outings, day trips, birthday parties, corporate events, and baby showers among others. At Swindon Minibus  we understand the need for timely arrival especially when it comes to airport transfers. We always endeavour to adhere to schedules strictly, and we will get you to your destination on time.

We also have the large minibuses that include the 24 seater minibus, 33 seater minibus, 49 seater minibus, and the 72 seater minibus. These minibuses accommodate large groups and are suitable for long distance trips. They are adapted for all terrains and can withstand hilly and rocky roads without causing discomfort to our clients. They are ideal for school trips, weddings, team building outings and any other events that involve large groups.


Why should you go for Our Minibus Hire?

All our minibus hire packages are affordable and competitive. Besides, we offer customised minibus hire services including private minibus hire and minibus hire with a driver. We are fully licensed and have been given the go-ahead by relevant authorities to offer transport services. Our minibuses are of the latest models, and we guarantee you a classy and comfortable arrival to your destination.


Why Choose Swindon Minibus Hire?

Private Minibus and Coach Hire

Our Private Minibus and Coach Hire in Swindon is the best option for all your formal occasions in Wiltshire. We cater to people right around the area. Whenever you wish to avoid crowds, call us first. We will come right to you. Let our Swindon Minibus Hire make travel easy.

Privacy is important to our clients. They want to rest while they travel. This is difficult to do on public buses. Each person can alter the environment to suit them. With us you can select your won music. We have the best audio visual equipment on board. You can even play presentations on our larger buses.

Discussing business plans is easier in a private environment. We provide that in all of our coaches. Small buses like our 9 and 12 seater are tinted. Our 49 seater and larger buses are also tinted. This makes it easy to relax. You can talk freely without worrying that people outside are observing you.

We assist with a wide range of airport transfers. We will pick you up after an international flight. You can rely on us to meet your guests for you. That leaves you with more free time for your guests. Our drivers will take them right to a hotel. If you are hosting a large party at your home, we help. Let us take care of ensuring that all guests arrive on time.

Each of our buses is completely cool. That means you are shielded from the heat of the sun. Each window offers a view of landmarks. While you relax indoors, our drivers will take you directly to your destination. Each of our clients is satisfied with the customised nature of our service. They look forward to travelling with us to important events. When they arrive, they always feel at ease. Call our Swindon Minibus Hire today to book your private trip.