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Day Trips to Lydiard Park and Coate Water Country Park are easy with our Swindon Minibus Hire. Our qualified crew can take you to central Swindon in a timely manner. Coate Water Country Par takes its name from the reservoir. This was built for the nearby Wilts & Berks Canal. A 70-acre lake was formed after diverting the River Cole.

The Richard Jefferies Museum is an interesting place to spend a day. This 17th-century thatched cottage provides a lot of visual interest for all of our clients who choose to visit. It was the home of the esteemed writer, Richard Jefferies. The cottage features exhibits and provides natural beauty in the form of lush gardens.

You never need to worry about punctuality with us. We know that whether our guests are travelling for business or pleasure, every hour matters. Our Swindon Minibus Hire drivers plan their courses to avoid delays so you make the most of every day trip. Despite that, they use traffic monitoring systems. This gives favourable information on movement of cars around potential routes. Keeping up a vital separation from jam packed lanes is basic for them.

The Swindon Museum is popular for day trips. This houses an Art Gallery that is a vital part of Swindon. The Art Gallery displays a collection of British art. The works were all done during the 20th-century. The collection was established by H.J.P.

We will arrive sooner than required for your trip to The Swindon Museum or Lydiard Park. This ensures your group has time to pick their seats. They can pack stuff securely on our vehicles. Each one is kept cool. You can travel long distances to a park and feel totally free. It is always our pleasure to serve you. We provide the best we have and look forward to helping you explore the area.Day Trips minibus Swindon  is the best for all your events so get booking today.

Day Trips Minibus Swindon

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